University Final Project Final Ideas

University Final Project Final Ideas

While preparing the idea for my final project I went through a number of ideas as to what the project will be.  My main idea that sticks through both concepts I went though were to have a horror-based environment, with a focus on familiarity but creepiness built in.  Both concepts would have used realistic textures and assets.

Concept One

The first concept I developed was based around a large scale supermarket environment. The environment would be large scale with a space that focuses on scale and making the player feel small. The concept would have also messed with player perspective, with the supermarket divided into sections where different ideas would be present. With each section being different the player would have a sense of unfamiliarity each time they moved from section to section. Additionally each section would have been linked to the other with the use of non Euclidian geometry, where each section would link to another section in a way that makes no geometric sense.

Concept Two

The second concept that was developed was less based around large scale and perspective, and more focused on high quality, raytracing, and subtle horror elements. The environment would be modelled off a school, with only a small section being submitted as the project, with a few different rooms being developed with assets that provide a strong base for a future story to be developed on later. The environment would be similar to that of the environment present in the game P.T.

Final Concept

The concept that was chosen to be developed for the final project was the second concept.

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