Classroom Door – Schulschluss – Dev Log

Classroom Door – Schulschluss – Dev Log

The focus of this dev log is the creation of the classroom door, as well as some items to cover up seams in walls.

The first step was to transfer the blackout door to a game ready state. This door was somewhat different than any door that had previously been created for this environment. This door required an odd shaped frame that allowed for a plane of glass to be inserted next to the door. Additionally the door required a section to be removed to allow for a glass window in the door to be added. The door handle was reused from the door to the storage room. Additionally to cover up seams on the walls, some pipes were added to sneakily cover up these seams.

The next step was to create the textures in substance painter. This was largely similar to the doors before, with a flaked and faded paint texture over a wooden base. The pipes utilised the same texture as the pipes in the bathroom, and the glass was not textured in substance as this would be done in unity. After this I decided to add a plaque on the glass next to the door that would give the room number and other information.

The glass was added into unity along with the other assets, and was textured utilising simple materials that were semi transparent. Additionally these materials would refract light as well as reflect the environment around them. This was made possible through the use of raytracing and DirectX12 3D. This did impact performance when looking through the glass, however this was not a large problem as there wasn’t much too see through the glass.

Additionally a few items were created to hide seems in the walls in other places around the classroom, such as near the bathroom door, and along the wall across from the classroom door. These were simply cubes that were scaled to cover up the seams, and had an appropriate texture applied.

The sphere seen was added purely for testing purposes

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