Teachers Desk – Dev Log

Teachers Desk – Dev Log

Over the last few days I have been working on the teachers desk alongside the accompanying assets that would populate it. Like the bookshelf this would require assets for the table as well as the objects that would rest on the table.

Creation of assets

The first step of the desk was to create a block out of the table and the objects atop it. This was done to create a rough idea of the final layout, however it was decided that the final assets would be the same scale and position as the block out. The table was simple to create as it could be divided into several individual pieces, each being assigned its own texture, each of this assets were divided depending on their position and complexity, with individual assets for the table frame, table top, draws, mini shelves, as well as the other assets. With the objects atop the desk, each of the objects were given a single texture, this was to save on file size, and assets were kept as complex as needed, with more complexity being added to the computer and plant over the file holders and stationary holder. All the objects were then UV unwrapped and prepared for export to Unity and Substance Painter.

Comparison of block out and final asset

Texturing of assets

The texture of the assets for the desk, as well as the objects on top of the desk was done in separate files. The first file contained the desk and its associated objects, the other contained to objects that would rest on the desk.

The texturing of the desk was simple as it only really required three different textures. Wood for the desk top, front, book shelf. Metal for the frame, holders, and draw handles. And slightly different wood textures for the draws. This was done as the texture normals were uncooperative when baking using the same wood texture as the rest of the desk. These textures were then exported into unity and added into the project.

The desk objects had more variety in their textures, with the computer requiring 7 different layers, with materials being assigned through masks and generators. This allowed for a high quality texture to be created, as well as allowing for me to practice my texturing techniques. Additionally the plant and plant pot utilise weird textures that have been modified. Due to the lack of a pottery texture included in substance painter, I decided to alter a creature teeth material to fit the desired purpose, this turned out quite well in the end. Additionally there was another lack of plant textures in substance painter, this was solved by using green creature skin on the plant, This also allowed for the export of subsurface scattering maps for use in unity.

All of the final textures, apart form the screen texture witch will be worked on at a later date, were exported from substance painter, into unity to be added to the project.

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