Desks – Schulschluss – Dev Log

Desks – Schulschluss – Dev Log

The next step of creating the classroom was the creation of the students desks. These desks were the same shape and size as the ones in the original block out. This meant that the final product was easier to create, this is as I just had to clean up the block out model and UV unwrap it for texturing.

final product (left) vs block out (right)

The texturing process was simple, as it only required textures for the desks top, and legs, with one material being assigned to each. The desk top had an occlusion mask that allowed for a metal edge to be added as well as another mask to create an effect of paint flaking off around the edges and additional wear and tear.

The layout for the desk was done based off of the layout of desks at my old high school, With clusters of 4 desks, arranged in the same layout for each cluster, this however could be changed for the final release. This allowed for some of the empty space in the classroom to be filled up.

For each cluster of desks a series reflection probe was needed to properly bake and apply the lighting. For each cluster there was a reflection probe above the desk, as well as bellow. Between each cluster there was another reflection probe to capture the lighting and reflection data accurately.

render of desk and chair assets together

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