Personal Projects

This page contains a collection of my personal projects, things I have done outside of my studies, work, or full games. It contains single images, assets, and experiments that I have done over the course of the last few years. There is no official structure to this, and each image/collection will come with an explanation and description.

Café Day Night Cycle

blender cycles, 2020 October, 300 frames at 30FPS, 2160×2160

This was an animation I completed over the course of several days. It was an experiment of mine working with more stylised textures and assets, while also experimenting with day night cycles.

I feel that I learnt a lot from this mini project, mainly the differences in working in a stylised workflow vs a more realistic workflow. I also learned a lot about animating textures in blender as well as dynamic day night sequences. This was also the first project that I attempted to create a seamless loop for.

Heart Drawing

This was one of my first proper drawing pieces, I was inspired by my twin brothers painting of a heart and decided to do my own style of drawing of a human heart.

Photoshop, 2021 January, 830×305

SCP 131 concept drawing

Photoshop, 2022 February

This is a drawing that was used as a guide for a university project, however was not needed for the final submission, hence why I have classed it as a personal project.

It is a drawing of the popular SCP (secure contain protect) entity known as 131-1. I refined my shading process in photoshop a lot with this project, using my newly learnt skills to create the eyes iris, I think this turned out quite well.

Maska-1SCh, Texture and modelling practice

This project was done as a practice for my hard surface modelling, as well as creating textures of weathered or older items.

The main idea behind this project was to take a semi complex object I had access too, in this case a replica of Tachanka’s helmet from Rainbow Six Siege, and recreate it in 3D. I chose this specific object as it had a few point where I thought I could improve, such as adding holes into surfaces, as well as the UV unwrapping of non flat surfaces.

Overall I feel that this project has improved my skills in these areas. This is as, in my eyes I have created a worn and weathered version of the Maska-1SCh helmet, and in future I will be able to use this asset as a base point for trying out new styles of texturing.

Blender Cycles, August 2022, 1920×1920
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